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Blacktop and Asphalt Paving

Blacktop and Asphalt Paving Lawrenceville, Ewing and Princeton New Jersey

Enhance your Lawrenceville, Ewing, and Princeton, New Jersey paving projects with A-Z Paving & Masonry, your trusted experts in both blacktop and asphalt services. Whether it’s a sizable commercial venture or a smaller residential undertaking, we are fully equipped to handle a wide array of asphalt paving projects. Our expertise spans from new asphalt installations to driveway repairs, parking lot paving, pavement maintenance, grading, and seal coating.

When the time comes to lay down the blacktop, we are committed to providing outstanding customer service and delivering top-notch paving work. Armed with cutting-edge paving machinery, we ensure that your project not only looks impeccable but also stands the test of time. Recognizing the diversity of projects, we cater to the needs of commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

We specialize in a variety of services, including line striping, seal coating, and asphalt repair. However, our forte lies in blacktop paving for parking lots and roads. Beyond its longevity, our asphalt paving services enhance the curb appeal of both commercial and residential properties.

Rest assured we adhere to strict standards to deliver exceptional service and precision in every paving project. With our collective experience and the professionalism, your investment is well-placed, and projects are completed on schedule.

Consider the environmental benefits of asphalt: it’s 100% recyclable, durable, and long-lasting. Asphalt also contributes to noise reduction, offers cost-efficiency, and promotes effective water drainage, ensuring safety in all your paving endeavors. Trust us for quality blacktop and asphalt solutions that stand the test of time. Contact us with any inquiries about how we can elevate your paving projects in Lawrenceville, Ewing, Princeton, and the surrounding areas.

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Blacktop and Asphalt Paving Services Includes:


Line Striping


Seal Coating


Asphalt Repair


Line Striping

Enhance your business premises with professional blacktop line striping services designed to optimize storage efficiency, enhance pedestrian safety, and clearly demarcate restricted areas.

Precise marking of parking stalls, handicap spaces, and directional arrows is crucial for creating an organized and trouble-free parking lot for your commercial establishment. These elements play a pivotal role in maximizing the utility of your parking space and facilitating smooth traffic flow. Invest in our expert blacktop line striping services to ensure a well-organized and visually appealing parking environment that reflects positively on your business.

Seal Coating

Seal coating is a crucial aspect of pavement maintenance, and it requires the expertise of professionals who can identify hidden defects, blemishes, or cracks lurking beneath the surface. As an established paving company, we take pride in offering tailored solutions and paying close attention to the unique requirements of each customer.

Choose A-Z Paving & Masonry to safeguard your property with high-quality seal coating. Our services not only provide layers of protection but also result in a smooth and durable parking or driving surface. Entrust your seal coating needs to us and experience the difference. Call us today for top-notch service that ensures the longevity and resilience of your blacktop surfaces.

Asphalt Repair

Our local expertise, timely solutions, and commitment to quality materials ensure comprehensive and enduring repairs for your asphalt surfaces. From filling cracks to resurfacing, we prioritize customer satisfaction with transparent pricing and efficient, budget-friendly solutions. Trust us for prompt, reliable, and affordable asphalt repair services that stand up to the unique challenges of the local environment.

Common problems that have surfaced over time will be fixed by our skilled service for asphalt paving in Lawrenceville, Ewing, and Princeton, New Jersey:

Linear cracks. Driveways and roads are prone to linear fractures. The driveway is split into sections by these cracks. This causes the base to erode and, if improperly sealed, could eventually cause it to collapse. We use full-depth patching or crack sealing to fix this issue.

Potholes. Potholes could be caused by fatigue cracking. If the issue is not resolved right away, severe weather, like a lot of rain, will make it worse. This kind of damage can range from small scratches to large craters. A-Z Paving & Masonry knows the best repair techniques that will cure these kinds of pavement difficulties.

Crosswise fission. Both little and large transverse cracks are caused by the asphalt binder hardening and force from vehicle tires. Sealing the cracks right away will stop moisture from seeping in and causing more harm. A-Z Paving & Masonry could either apply an asphalt sealant or remove and fix the cracks with an overlay.

Corner breaks. Cracks may appear in pavement made of concrete or asphalt. Our comprehensive patch solution can fix corner breaks, which are caused by persistent traffic overloading.